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Hi my name is Skippy, and no I'm not a kangaroo! I was just a horny guy looking for a little lovin. I was always hoping someone would take a chance on me. Hmm – sounds like a broken record. Lol. Lol.  Just kidding. So there I was, 27 and still a virgin. Thats right I said virgin, and I felt like I was the only one left in the world. It seems virgins are a dying breed these days. I told people I was saving myself for that special one. Its funny how losers always say they're saving themselves. For what? The end of the world? I once told a coworker that I was a virgin by choice. He laughed and said ”Thats like a homely person saying I'm pretty on the inside”. I kept saying that if something doesn’t change soon I might consider a sex change. Maybe then I could give it away. God I was horny (did I say that out loud)? Sometimes I felt so alienated from society. Everyone seems to be in a big hurry to go nowhere. No one ever noticed me. So almost every night, it was just me, my friend Lurch (god what horrible name) and my faithful dog Bobo.

Late one night my friend and I walked home from the neighborhood hotel. As we walked we were met by a couple of bullies shouting profanities at us. My friend said you guys better back off because were the members of a club, (ya the losers club). One of them responded, “Probably the hair club for men. Get em”. As we ran into the night fog dodging beer caps and hard boiled eggs we decided to take a stand, but luck for once was on our side. It seems they had gone in the other direction. Lurch said it was lucky for them they went the other way or I don't know what I would have done (probably shit your self). Lurch tried to start a club for virgin males but no one wanted to join, guess his campaign slogan “Proud To Be A Virgin”, scared them of. 

As we sat on my front porch one night watching the women run by, seems thats all we ever did was watch, wondering how to make our lives more exciting, it came to me. I explained to my friend that I know someone who is involved in one of those online sites and he meets all kinds of great womanmaybe we should give it a try.

Well we couldn't be happier,things couldn't be better for the both of us. We have met some wonderful caring women and, well I never kiss and tell, but I met the one, and I owe it all to a buddy who gave me this great link to check out. So if your tired of being alone and want to share your life’s experiences with someone then the link below can help you.

Online Dating Sites

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