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     As I walked down to the valley behind my house one sunny day last year, I was looking in awe at the dead trees, and the weeds that some people refer to as  flowers, and smelling the water in the creek (that I know comes from the sewers), when a bird shit on my head. I thought “oh well” just another ordinary day. As I hurried along, I came across a acquaintance of mine that I will call Stinky and please don't ask why I call him that, I think the name speaks for itself. As we walked, I mentioned to him that a bird had done its business on the top of my head, and he replied “take me to the tree that you were walking under, its good luck”. If I had thought for one minute that it was good luck I would have found some dog dirt and rolled around in it, (as you may have figured Stinky really doesn’t have much of a social life, but then again, were two of a kind).

         Our biggest problem is communicating with the opposite sex. Stinky can usually mumble a couple of sentences, then he has to get as far away as possible. I’m a little more outgoing since I work with quite a few women anyway. I can usually have  somewhat of a conversation with them before I start to shiver and have my confidence escape me, then I have to politely say I think the boss is calling me.

    Stinky feels that women have unreal expectations when it comes to dating, however, I disagree. I really don't believe for a minute the women suggesting that he  have a shower before picking her up is classified as “high standard”. Stinky  may be the smelliest guy I know, but he is  one of the nicest (nicest not brightest). However, he does sometimes on occasion come up with pretty decent idea's that make a lot of sense, but I'm not sure about this one. “We will join a Dating Site” he cried out. I said before sometimes he comes up with good idea's but this wasn't one of those times. He proceeded to tell me that a friend at work suggested the idea(nice friend). “Is this the same friend that leaves deodorant and body wash on your desk?” I asked. “It sure is! He's a very thoughtful person,” (ya right). Stinky said “My friend met a wonderful women on a dating site,” (what women?? the guy he's talking about is gay!) “Why would your homosexual friend use a dating site to meet women?” I asked, “I think your getting in over your head”. In the end, and after weeks of hiding from  Stinky and his crazy idea, I finally decided to give in just to keep the peace.

        As I tried to sleep that night, all I could think about was the last date I had, which ended in complete disaster for me. I’m sure the woman I'll call (“bottomless pit”), hadn’t eaten in a week  prior to our date and she must have thought I owned an oil well or something! After she had consumed several finger sandwiches as well as several other side dishes, expensive wine and the entree of lamb chops, I checked the balance on my credit card, then to my horror she demanded we order desert! “Desert!?” I quickly reminded her that this was not an all you can eat buffet, she then  jumped up called me things I've never heard before and made her way to the door. I ran after her and asked if she would like to see me again, at which time she slugged me with her hand bag (I guess that meant no!). So I went back to the table and sat by myself looking at the bill she had run up and wondered if I would be able to get some overtime at work next week to pay for it.

        I started to have second thoughts about joining a dating site, but since my best friend was counting on it (and knowing he would do anything for me), I decided to go through with it. It turned out to be the best thing we had ever done. Stinky and I both joined a Dating Site, and it wasn’t long before we had  responses from some lovely ladies. We were both very worried and excited to think that we could finally stop using blow up dolls for companions. Stinky asked me “what should I do to get ready?”I said “just get in the shower and don't forget to turn the water on, use that bar of soap (you can't take it with you) and scrub your troubles  down the drain”, (as well as the dirt and body odor of course).We double dated that evening to support each other, and we had a wonderful time. It was a standard dinner and dancing date, but it just went so well. Stinky pulled me aside and that he was going to end up marrying his date because she was so perfect for him. I gave him a brotherly hug, and said “follow your heart,” and he did. She seemed to take to him as well, surprisingly!

         Well I don't call him Stinky anymore, (no one does now that he has learned  basic  hygiene). He is above all, my best friend. Devon is still with the soul mate that he met on that dating site. This was eight years ago and after dating for some time, they took the plunge. They had one child and are expecting another any time now. As for me, it took a little longer, but I finally found my soul mate, and we are expecting our first child soon. Life is terrific and it keeps getting better!

       Its true what they say, there's someone for everyone. You only need the right rock to look under I guess. In many cases, it takes a nudge from someone who cares about you to get you going in the right direction . Life is too short and precious to spend it alone, wondering what your life would be like if you had done something to find that special person. So if you want to be happy then take my advice, and get off your bum and make the first move.

    Hey, if Stinky and I can do it, so can you! There are so many dating sites out there that you might think you'll never find the right one, but I'll give you a tip, this is the link that Stinky and I went to to find the best sites to join and in our opinion its the ultimate starting point to find dating sites. So if you are tired of being alone and having no one to share good times with and want someone to be with for the rest of your life well just follow this link, you'll be glad you did.

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