What Is Sex Appeal

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What is the true appeal of sex appeal? Most dictionaries describe it as”the capability to attract sexual interest from others”, but dictionaries also describe sexy as being”sexually interesting or exciting.” You might confuse the two as being the same, but you would be wrong, as you will see below.

Say a man sees  a cute female someplace wearing a mini skirt, and low cut top for visual impact.  He may say something like look at that sexy babe or isn't she hot, but is that initial reaction driven by sexy, or sex appeal? While the two blend together it is quite common to see someone as described above. So what do you have to do for more focused attention?

Men tend to focus on what is currently in front of their eyes, and there is lots of sexy eye candy to attract their short term attention. Sexy for the most part will always get attention,but unlike sex appeal they will likely forget what a merely sexy woman looks like within a few minutes. Sexy is eye candy first and foremost, and will generally never amount to more than that.  Someone who dresses to grab attention can be sexy, but it will seldom lead to a long term attraction, and that is the major differentiation. Sexy is like icing without the staple or essence.

Sex appeal sex appeal is more than just cute bod, it has its roots in having self confidence, and knowing your worth. When anybody exhibits all these signals they exude an aura that demands recognition by others. This magnetic glow makes those people around you feel good too. A woman with sex appeal will look great in rags. She personifies the saying that clothes do not make the woman. Her sense of style and self worth shines though the apparel. Women with sex appeal are always vigorous, intelligent and humorous ladies who are totally comfortable with their sexual needs and the sensuality that they project. Everyone knows a few people that are upbeat and positive even in adverse situations. This joy of life is a cornerstone of sex appeal.

Sex appeal attracts, radiates and commands attention. Females with sex appeal love you for who you are, they  don't let their experience with one bad apple cloud their experiences with everyone else. They compartmentalize their expectations of each acquaintance individually. Sex appeal generally emanates from positive outgoing people never run down, but rather talk up other people. This appeal is the natural outcome of their loving and sensual nature as people.

Hopefully you can now see the differences. It pretty much boils down to this simple observation-- if you have learned to love yourself, and others,  it will  emanate into sex appeal as, it is all about personal image, self development and stature. Men will look at sexy—no doubt, but its the whole package that will get past his eyes, into his head, and ultimately into his heart.


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