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I first joined an online dating site because I was looking for someone special in my life and had not been able to meet any in my usual haunts. The first step of course was to create an online profile for the women to know about me. I had inherited a tidy sum of money and did not have to work. I had never been married, and I was looking to settle down with someone special.

After a while emailing and chatting with  a quantity of young women, I found someone who seemed perfect.  As per normal, we spent a few weeks emailing, and then chatting before we decided to go out.  We met at a not quite intimate restaurant. I thought at first that she was just stringing me along because she kept refusing my suggestions for more intimate locations. But I finally realized that she was just being careful. With that realization in mind, I was able to suggest something she was okay with in a few minutes.

Anyway, on the night of our first date, I duded myself up respectably as I usually do. I think that it is horrible the way some guys dress carelessly on a date. I abhor the entire look of not shaving and looking scruffy that many men sport today. I think it is insulting to women. Mainly because it looks like she is not important enough for you to put yourself out for.  I think that taking the time to dress well for a date shows your respect for a woman. It tells her that you care. I think of it as a subtle compliment, sort of putting them up on a pedestal. In any event, the evening of my date found me showered, clean shaven, and well dressed.

As usual, I was early for our reservations to make sure that there was no issues and waited for her to arrive. When she arrived, I was pleasantly surprised, almost stunned actually. Although her pictures showed her to be attractive, they did not hold a candle to seeing her in person. The real surprise was that it was not her beauty that was the biggest attraction. There is just something that some women have when they move that makes you want to praise God and sing halleluiah to his greatest accomplishment, the female body. This girl just oozed that out of every pore of her body. She had a terrific body shape, but that was not what it was that was the attraction. It was just the amazing grace that she had when she entered the room. This air of confidence and control that was not to be denied. Every mans eyes in the place watched her as she moved across the room. Her figure was amazing, and her clothes had been selected to showcase that figure to it's fullest. I was tongue tied.

I am not a big boob guy. Some guys are really hung up on large breasts. I am not, it is that simple. I am really much more attracted to a slim compact body. I like all parts of the body to be slim and firm as well. A well toned body is more attractive to me. There have been exceptions to this tendency of course.Take Delta Burke. She has to be one of the most beautiful women ever created. But her beauty was most exemplified when she moved. She was a woman who had that presence that I talked about earlier. She just commanded attention.

Even though I am attracted to slim, I detest the anemia that tends to 'grace' the catwalks of the fashion industry today. Most of these women are just freaks. Normally though, it is the woman with a slender trim body who will attract my eyes over any woman with ponderous, gelatinous breasts. To my mind, Jello should jiggle, not bodies. My date on the other hand seemed to have the best of both body types and the disadvantages of neither. No wonder mens heads turned! My eyes kept drifting back to watching her body flow across the room. What an amazing thing to watch!  Nice rounded breasts, a slim torso, and  a nice rounded rear end. When she passed you, the charm did not go away. The rear end view was of a nicely muscular and tight package that most professional dancers would envy.

As we dined, the conversation flowed easily. It was like we had been together for years. Because it was a first date, I had not planned on doing anything after the meal. I sort of thought that it might jinx the evening. We just lingered over the remains of our dinner and chatted. Eventually I took her home, and we kissed goodnight.  On the scale of first dates I would have rated it a 9 out of 10. We planned to meet again the following weekend.

The next date went even better if that was possible. On that Saturday we had brunch. Later we took in an afternoon cinema before going out for dinner. After dinner, we went dancing at a small club. I have to admit though, that when we were dancing, her body felt a little odd to me, but I did not think too much of it. The ensuing weekend once again found us on a full day date. That day we simply walked through the park, stoping to sit on park benches and just take in the scenery. After that, we took in dinner again at a small Italian restaurant. We went dancing that night at another club that I had heard about but had never been to before. I was excited as to how well we were connecting!

As I kissed her goodnight, the kiss deepened, and before long she was opening the door of her apartment and dragging me in. As our clothes started to fall inside the doorway, I got a few surprises that I was not expecting. She was wearing a Victoria Secret triple push up bra with (I guess you would call it) mammary foam (rather than memory foam) that exaggerated her bra size significantly.  But that was not an issue with me because I rather like smaller breasts. But on top of that, the reason she was trim and tight was because she was wearing this thing called a body shaper. (I thought that girdles went out in the sixties with womens' liberation – at least that is what my mother told me). When removed, she showed no sign of the muscle tone I had imagined. Instead, there was a bit of flab. As a final kicker she was wearing a false bottom. A fake hiney as it were. Holey moley, a body phony! She was her own body double. Talk about shock and awe!

It goes without saying that my libido tanked, and I was suddenly incapable of making love to her. I told her in no uncertain terms that I could not build a future with her because everything about her was a lie. I told her that if she had showed me how she really was, I would have fallen for her anyway. If she lied about this, then likely she was willing to lie about anything. I had lost all the trust that I had in her. It was a shame, because I actually preferred her natural packaging, even if it could use a bit of toning up at the gym. It would have given us something to do together besides eat and dance. In any event, we parted ways that night. It was a shame really that she was so deceitful to me, because in all other ways she seemed perfect to me.

I cannot begin to understand why some people feel they have to lie on dating sites or pretend that they are something that they are not. But maybe parting that way was a blessing. After all, I never did have to tell her that I was not really a successful millionaire.

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