Tips for Dating in the New Decade

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With every passing day, things change in the dating world. It seems like only yesterday all you needed for a successful courtship was a big club to smack a love interest over the head with. With all the social media, email, texting, and cell phone options available, it is now pretty much pro forma that you will contact your lover a couple of times each day. I have also included some tried-and-true tips for a smooth new relationship. Take this information and go forth with courage, brave daters!

Writing Her at Work

It’s pretty commonplace for most people to have a computer at their job these days. This means you can email your special someone while you have a break, or during your lunch. Despite the temptation to remind her about the noises she made the night before during your adult times, or send her a picture of a train going into a tunnel with the caption “thinking of you”, keep anything you send to her workplace professional. You never know which of her superiors are reading her work correspondence, and you don’t want to get her in trouble. And keep it to a minimum – short, sweet and nothing embarrassing to her if someone else reads it. Most people do not realize that work email is not private and it is totally owned by the company where she works. They can read anything at will without any legal documentation required.

Other Dudes Posting on her Facebook Wall

Do not get jealous of other guys admiring your girl. After all, she must be hot if you were attracted to her in the first place. Think of it as a compliment to your good taste. That being said, if it is happening too much you may want to ask her how she thinks about it all. It could be that you and her do not see eye to eye on lewd comments. You will know more from her actions as to what the real situation is. If they do not have a long standing fraternal relationship partly based on lewd joking and she has any sort of class, she will likely delete the post, and if it persists will un-friend the dud. If you see the guy someplace, you might want to ask him why he is diminishing her in front of her Facebook friends by making those comments. Often people making lewd comments think nothing of it, and usually do not get the fact that it makes both themselves and the targets look like they have no class.

Turn Down Your Answering Machine to “Off”

You can’t control who calls you. If you are with your girlfriend in your apartment and your ex calls looking to get back together it could prove embarrassing. To avoid this type of drama in your life, it is just a lot safer to leave the machine off and check messages when you are alone.

See Her Off To Work

Modern women are much more focused on careers than women of the past. A lot of women have to get up really early to get to work and start. If she stayed the night, you will score big points by getting up with her in the early morning hours when she rises. Fix her a light breakfast of toast and coffee, or toast and tea. She will be happy for the attention, and that will likely garner you extra special attention later that evening! Plus, you can go right back to sleep once she leaves. Trust me on this one.

Plug All Anniversaries, Etc. Into Your Doodad

Start using that expensive smart phone that you keep in your pocket to its fullest. Even if you do not use it on a regular basis now, you will find that it can be really useful to you. Do not just use it for birthdays. Use it for important dates in your relationship. Your first date, your first kiss, the first time you slept together, etc. Include notes for each reminder as to what you did, what she was wearing, what you talked about, and where you went. Program it to remind you a week out so you can make arrangements for that special memory, such as reservations or flowers. Also have it remind you the day before just in case you get focused on something else. You will be rewarded with adult fun.

Wash Your Sheets Weekly

This one is obvious, but necessary. Women love getting into a bed with fresh sheets and pillowcases that smell like fabric softener. They do not like getting into a bed with cracker crumbs and drool stains on the pillows.

A Day At The Sex Store

One way that you can waste a lot of money is to buy stuff at a sex store without your girlfriend being with you. You cannot return intimate apparel or sex toys, so it is worth the effort to get the right stuff in the first place. Make the effort to involve her in the selection so she will actually be into using whatever you get. The best approach is to just cajole her into checking the place out for fun. As you joke about some of the more extreme things, she will invariably find some simple things that are just fun and not really kinky in any way. Lubes are a good place to start. Whipped cream, skimpy clothes, costumes and edible panties are also an easy sell. After the first few trips, she will become more willing to try other toys.

Have fun out there!

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