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Why would couples want to become swingers, why would they want to have sex with someone else especially if they're supposed to be in love with each other? Well that's because these couples do not associate having a sexual relationship with someone other then their spouse as love; its strictly sex. Swingers are so comfortable in their relationship with their partners that they show their love by not holding their partner back from new sexual experiences. This is basically what swinging is all about, having sexual liaisons rather than romantic encounters with other couples or even individuals. Their home romantic relationship is the rock on which their emotional and financial lives depend, and they would never risk that by letting a sexual fling become more than just sex.
Swinging is a personal choice for many married couples who believe that sex with anybody other than their partner as a physically stimulating pastime. There are those who adopt swinging for other reasons. It could be that their partner is into swinging and they want make them happy by getting into it themselves.  Possibly their partnership is slowly eroding and the excitement has all but vanished; so they get into swinging hoping to bring back what they once had. Getting into swinging for these reason's is not the route you want to take because it usually just leads to a breakup. Swinging can only work if both partners love each other in a way that lets them set each other free to have sex with others.
Just to hammer the point home, swingers must have a very close and loving relationship to succeed with a swinging lifestyle. Swingers are more interested in the happiness and well being of their partner than they are for themselves. So it follows that if having sex with another person makes their partner happy, then that makes them happy too. It is also very important to have a partner that understands why you want to enter this lifestyle. Swingers require open and strong communications with each other to be successful. When both partners totally understand where each is coming from, they will realizethat swinging can be and invigorating and relationship stimulating adventure. Swinging can appeal to youremotionaland recreational needs, including fantasies and desires that you can explore together rather than apart. Swinging is very much about sharing sexual adventures with each other which in turn will strengthen your sexual and emotional growth.

Just remember that it takes two to tango well.
Swinging has become and continues to be, increasingly popular for life partners as well as all social classes. Swinging startedin the early 50s in the rich suburbs of North America. At that time swinging was not very popular and the only ways to meet other swingers would either be through news paper ads or via other swingers.

All of this has changed drastically through the years and especially since the launch of the Internet. At this time, not only are there swingers clubs in most major cities, you are now able to find Internet swinger sites to meet new friends. These sites offer you the chance to connect to and meet other people like yourselves who are interested in getting together for a good time. So if you happen to be a swinger or want to get into swinging, here is the site for you:

Open Relationships

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