Sustaining a Relationship

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It appears to me that a lot of  couples these days, forget who they started out being. Many couples forget their roots.Once they become a couple, they often lose track of the reasons why they bonded in the first place. Why is that?  Do we really change all that much?  I don't think so. So why the drift? The truth is we just get too comfortable, and no longer put forth  the effort  that we did in the beginning. To fix it, we have to inject new life into the mix.

Think about your relationship, and how you and your lover interacted when the relationship was new—you will likely find that you had a lot more intimacy in the early days of your relationship. This would include more phone calls, texting, touching, kissing and other endearments . Sending those little love notes or messages to each other throughout the day does wonders in moving a relationship forward.It all used to come so easy with the excitement of having a new partner - do we have to let that excitement die? Some relationships were never meant to last, but of those that are, it is important that we actively pursue success.  We often blame the failure on stress, stress at work, financial stress, etc., but this is not the real culprit here.  All these issues were probably the same ones we've  dealt with in the past that made us closer in the first place.

If we are like most couples, we just get lazy. Both partners get into their comfort zone, and let things go,and before you know it their at that point where they never thought they'd be. Men for instance, start ogling more at other women, and making comments about how good looking they are, and they forget about the one their with.  Women might take a look at the cute butt of some hot guy, and romanticize about them. What often starts out as small moments of neglect cascade into a habit of inconsideration. We start to feel less adequate - less attractive. Many times we do not want to bring up each small issue,for fear of looking like a nit picker, but the result is a cascading failure of the relationship as small issues continue to be swept under the carpet. Women you need to speak up, and express your  disapproval, and men you  need to listen without getting your  backs up, and vice versa.  We need to always be aware of our partners feelings - relationships take work, and when both partners work at it - it grows into a lasting romance. Here are a few things we can do to make our relationships stay healthy:

1) Go out of your way to complement your partner each day. It will make both of you feel good.
2) Love them and tell them that you love them. Never force them to assume that you love them
3) Men, stop ogling—there's  no harm in looking, but lets get real here, is it necessary to ogle at every pretty face you see when you got the best thing right next to you. And yes, this goes for women also.
4)  Dishonesty is the root of all relationship dissension – make a habit of telling the truth, even if it might lead to embarrassing explanations.
5) No matter how busy you are, and other than sleeping at night, make sure you set aside at least an hour a day to be alone together
6) Communicate- tell your partner how you feel, and work things out before they become worse than they are.
7) Always start your day off with a kiss, and a hug, and a good morning- it starts your day off on a positive note, and it feels real good too.
8) Be relaxed and do not be afraid of public displays of affection – some public kissing and tenderness will exhibit to the world how you care about your partner and broadcast to them that you love them and want to make sure that everyone knows it
9) Make sure that you smile and take life as the fun adventure that it is meant to be. You may think that frowning and being serious all the time is a way to get ahead in life, but in actual fact it works against you in your personal life, your relationships and in your professional business life as well.
10)  Never go to bed angry – talk it out and work it out – the best thing for a relationship is a kiss before you go to sleep. The second best thing is sex before you go to sleep. You cannot have the second without the first.

Relationships all have their ups, and downs, but if you have heart, and desire to make it work it will blossom into something special. So, don't let that spark creep away- follow the above rules, and create some of your own a long the way....just have fun if you can dream about it then you can achieve it.


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