Romance Can Be Hurt By Bromance

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Guys often have some lifelong buddies that have been a part of their lives since grade school. So when a woman starts to date a man they need to be prepared to accept this. These guys often like to watch sports, have drunken boy’s-nights out, and are probably in at least six different playoff pools. Smart guys can usually juggle the conflicting demands of a girlfriend and his best buds, but if you love him more for his great abs and ass than his head, then prepare to be disappointed. He will likely fumble the metaphorical ball here quite regularly. Sometimes you wonder if he is more bromantically involved with his buddies than he is romantically involved with you. Here are some ways to identify if this is a problem, and how to overcome it.

If you have ever watched movies similar to Superbad or Swingers you can get an idea of how complex such relationships can be. Bromances, like romances come in more than one flavor.

The movie Superbad is about two pals going to college.  Bromances can definitely get in the way of a new male-female relationship at that age, since most adolescents are much more comfortable interacting with their friends than their interactions with women. 

In Swingers, they are in their late twenties, but the same sort of dynamic exists. They have their core group of a half dozen friends, with two best friends at the core of it. They hang out all the time, go to bars together, and call each other every night. It’s strictly plutonic, and very important to the men. This closeness causes them constant grief with their lady friends. They are both really funny and worth a look see, if for no other reason than to help you understand a tight male – male dynamic.

There are several methods to make a man – woman relationship take precedence over a man – man relationship. The key item is identifying that the problem actually exists. Most guys are oblivious to the fact that their relationship with their buddies is interfering with their relationship with their lady. Keep your eyes open for it! And, if your girlfriend is complaining about it, obviously you should deal with it. It’s easy.

It is important that you talk to her about it and listen to what she says. Then you have to act on some of the key issues that are bugging her. It is necessary for you to find ways to make her feel that she is as important to you, or better yet more important to you, than your pals. Give her two solid nights a week without any guys around. Take here out to dinner, see a chick flick, go dancing. It is best if you actually have at least one of these nights as a dress up quasi-formal affair. Women feel special when you take them some place that they have to dress up for. Make sure you do too! To maintain your relationship with your best friends, you have to make her understand that you need some quality time with them as well. At least two nights a week. Tell here that she is always welcome, but that she might not appreciate the base humor that males often exhibit when our and about Just explain that bleching and farting competitions are seldom a sport that most females want to even witness, let alone be a part of.

The second thing to do is to try to find activities every month that include your girlfriend AND your buddies. A night at the movies or dancing. Go out of your way to make her your partner in any games that you might be involved with during these group outings. Never criticize her efforts, just encourage.Soon she will find herself enjoying most of the activities that you like as much as you do.

Hope this helps!

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