Pros And Cons of Dating Milfs

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More and more young men are exploring women who are older than themselves as both a dating partner, and as a life partner. This explosion of MILF and Cougar worship stems from the popularity of television shows like Desperate Housewives, Sex In The City, and Weeds. Cougars are happy with this new outcome, because it gives them a much larger pool of young virile dudes to select from. You just gotta love that!

Before you dive into the cougar pool, you may want to take a closer look though. They do, after all, call them cougars for a reason!

First the pluses. Mature women have seen and done more, and that makes them more interesting to be with. Primarily, it’s her sexual experienceMILF homg by wyldflowa that intrigues most men. After all, by the time a woman is in her 40’s, she will presumably have had a number of lovers, and will have learned some interesting things in her experiences. Mature women have a lot more to give that way. They have done more, and truly know what they like and do not like. Most of them are willing to try some new things as well. My favorite joy though is their general appreciation for mutual oral sex.

Secondly, most cougars have an income of their own and usually know how to live inside of it. Most young women are saddled with debt, and as such, them men have to treat them to everything. MILF's may be a bit strained financially, but most of them have learned to budget and look after their money. They might not shower you with it, but they are also unlikely to be a burden.

The very best thing about dating an older woman is the lack of drama. They are not princesses anymore. By an large they are past all that crap, and will pretty much tell you straight off what it is they expect from a relationship.

Of course every silver lining has a gray cloud lurking inside. The issue with many MILF's is that they usually do not have the cutesy little anorexic body that many young men seem to seek out. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. If you are a breast man, most MILF's do indeed have larger boobs, but along with that usually comes some other padding. In most cases it is not all that much, and in fact can be a welcome change to having bones digging into you during sex. The good news is that most women are now turning to various forms of exercise to try to keep their bodies toned. If you find one of these, you have the best of all worlds.

Another disadvantage is that MILF's have often gotten used to being in control of their own lives. They tend to be more assertive without even realizing it. This might be a problem if you need to dominate people to feel manly. But if you are a mature person, you will likely find that the equality of the relationship will be refreshing. Be careful that they do not get motherly on you though. That might happen if the age difference is significant.

All in all, in most cases, I feel like age is just a number. As long as the participants are legal, it doesn’t matter what the age is, provided the goal is an honest, caring relationship.

YE HA! Go git em!

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