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When you’re out there on the dating scene and you manage to find someone with whom you hit it off, the first few dates are crucial. At issue are the sometime conflicting needs of being yourself, thus setting a realistic expectation that you can live up to, while at the same time trying to sell yourself as an already successful person, which may not be 100% true. Adding to your problem is the fact that many of the most popular initial dating venues have some hidden pitfalls that can kill a budding relationship before it has a chance to get off the ground! To help you all out, I’ve outlined a few potential problems that can arise during some common dates. So prepared, you can come across as a mature, sophisticated person who has it all together.

Miniature Golf

This would seem like a harmless activity. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with tapping a ball with a golf club? This should be nothing more than an easy walk through of a few holes on a tiny set of fake putting greens. Even this potential snuggle fest venue can have dangers around every corner.

First thing you have to know is that it is never a good idea to get too competitive. Make it all about the fun. If you get trapped into a competition, you will lose, even if you win at getting the ball in the hole, you will never get a chance at the nineteenth hole as it were. And keep your jokes about long stiff putters, tiny holes and big balls to yourself!

It is always pretty cool to go to the park with your honey and toss around a Frisbee. Just keeps some watch-out-fors in mind. Take it easy with the speed and power at first. Even if she is really good, throwing the disc so fast that it can blacken her eye if she misses it is just foolish. After all, you do not want the rest of your enjoyment that day put in jeopardy because you want to show off a little.

Second, despite movies portraying Frisbee as fun on the beach, it is not true! Beaches are always windy, and wind is brutal for Frisbee throwing. If you spill someone's drink, or spill sand in their food with an errant Frisbee toss, you could have a potentially nasty confrontation on your hands Better to set your picnic up in a nice windless clearing in the park some-where. Plus, if you play on the beach, there are always muscle bound guys that she’ll inevitably compare you to. You don’t need that.

Going To The Show On A Date

Going to the show is very popular for a couple of reasons. If you choose the right movie and the right snacks, you get your date in the romantic mood. Plus, you don’t have to maintain a conversation during the film, and after the film, you can talk about the movie. There are however a few obstacles to avoid.

Just the price alone is likely to be the first shocker. If you haven’t been to a film in a while, and you take your date, when the cashier tells you it’ll be twenty-five bucks for the two tickets, plus ten more for snacks, you don’t want to freak out. Plan to spend at least forty to fifty bucks. More if it’s IMAX.

The choice of movie is your second most important factor. If the movie is first run, then make sure that you pre-purchase the tickets. You better hope that there are not shirtless scenes with some hot, sexy leading man. Face it, a recent visual on her part of Brad Pitt without a shirt is likely to leave you pretty wanting by conparison.

Third, make sure the movie is one that will turn her on, romantically. Scary movies are good, but not gory.. Avoid shootem up movies! Bruce Willis may be what turns your crank, but it is unlikely to get her revved up for any bedroom action later!

Seeing A Great Band In Concert

Make sure that you treat her to music that she likes! Going to a Rolling Stones Concert might be the classic rock that you are into, but if she prefers Jazz or Hip-Hop she will not have a good time. Choose what she likes. However, no matter what concert you take her to, you should be aware that you are HER security. If you go to a venue where there are likely be be a lot of obnoxious drunks, try to keep a low profile. Better yet, avoid such places!

Secondly, you have to remember that after a loud show, both you and she will be partially deaf. Be conscious of the fact that both of you might be talking really loud and will attract attention. Also, make sure that you really understood what she says correctly. If you think she said "I want sex", make sure that is what she said before you take liberties.

Plus, remember that after a crowded show, you’re going to be sweaty. Bring some deodorant in the glove box to deal with your smell.

Midway Rides

Going to an carnival with your date would seem like a great thing to do. Take her on the rollercoaster and she’ll grab onto you. It is a great venue for fun rides, challenging games, and eating sweet treats and street meat. Accidentally winning a stuffed toy has a side benefit giving her a reminder of your time together that day. Never brag you to your girl that you will win her a stuffed toy. Carnival operators have the games rigged significantly in their favor, so it is much cheaper to buy her one at WalMart. It is a lot of fun to try, but no promises. Besides going broke, too much time spent on one activity that only you are doing is no fun and liable to put a damper on the rest of your evening.

You also need to be careful of what you eat as well. Eating is not the smartest thing to do at a carnival. Often there are scant washing facilities, and you have been touching dirty ride safety bars all night. Make sure you take a hand sanitizer with you and eat sparingly. Who knows how well the kitchen help keep clean. Rides and food do not mix well, and since most rides give you a thrill by making your stomach flip-flop, there is a strong chance that you might lose your collective cookies. Play it safe and make sure that your evening ends enjoyably.

One last thing. Many rides take pictures of you at the scariest point. Figure out where that is before you get on the ride and try to look nonchalant at that point. After all, you may want to by the picture later.

The Penny Arcade Date

Even if your date is not into gaming, the both of you can still have fun with it. But as with many women these days, do not be surprised if she cleans your clock. On that note, you should never boast ahead of time about how great you are at gaming in general. So what if she handed you a reaming! You now have the perfect place to take her again some day for a rematch.

The Coffee Date

Often considered to be the safest first date, this is not without it's own pitfalls. If the date is going well, there is a good chance that you will linger over several cups of Joe. As the caffeine builds, you will get the jitters, become a motor mouth, and in general start to turn her off! Have a cup of warm water with lemon in between cups of coffee. It’ll dilute the caffeine, and make you look chic.

That is pretty much all I have to offer for those particular dates. If there is a date I missed, the trick is just to think ahead. Go through the whole date in your mind, and anticipate what could go wrong. Have solutions ready to go if the worst does happen. You will look better right across the board, and she will see you as someone who is her first choice date, and not someone who she will only go out with if she has nothing better to do – like walk her dog or something.

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