Hidden Dangers of Popular Date Ideas

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When you’re out there on the dating scene and you manage to find someone with whom you hit it off, the first few dates are crucial. You want to be yourself, but you also want to appear like you’ve got things together. Complicating this phase of the relationship is the fact that most of the popular and safe first dating type places have some hidden traps that are easy to fall into. In an effort to help, this article will outline a few example first date ideas and what things to avoid doing. In this way, you can avoid behavior that will kill whatever it is that you hope to happen.

Miniature Golf

At first, this might seem like a safe date idea. What could go wrong? You’ve got an easy evening of walking through a few mini putt holes, right? Wrong! Even this cozy environment can have its dangers.

Make sure you leave your competitive instincts at home. Most women avoid competition with a man. They are always competing with other women, but do not like competing with men at all! Ensure that you use the close contact to have fun, not compete. Competition at such a simple game is pretty childish. Competing will do little more than belittle you, no matter if you win or lose! And before you make a comment that you are so excited that your putter is standing on end, make sure that it will be well received.
Playing with Frisbees

It is always pretty cool to go to the park with your honey and toss around a Frisbee. Just keeps some watch-out-fors in mind. If your paramour is not that adept at catching Frisbees, you can embarrass her. Make sure that you lob in some easy ones to start to assess her skill level. If she can handle it then you can increase the intensity a bit. Just make sure that you never toss it so hard that you run the risk of breaking a nose if she misses it. That will definitely put a damper on the rest of the day's entertainment!

Second, despite movies portraying Frisbee as fun on the beach, it is not true! Beaches are always windy, and wind is brutal for Frisbee throwing. Before you know it, your disc will have flown out to sea, or hit some quick-tempered jerk’s radio. Then you have a fight on your hands. Better to set your picnic up in a nice windless clearing in the park some-where. On top of that,  even though there are hot beach bunnies for you to look at, the beach is also full of eye candy for your honey to admire. Who needs distractions like that. Better to pick a venue where both of you can focus on each other.

Going To The Show

Movies are popular dates for a reason. The right selection of movie and snacks will put your girl in a relaxed and erotic mood. Movies give you a break from holding up your end of the conversation for a couple of hours, and afterwards is a natural topic of conversation that can last another hour or so with minimal effort. Make sure you dodge the following traps.

First thing that you don’t want to take you by surprise is how expensive movies have become. Make sure you have at least a lot of dollars in your pocket, because you will likely have spent most of that between admission and snacks. IMAX is even more expensive than a regular movie.

Second, the choice of movie is all important. Make sure you reserve your tickets online or by phone. Also, make sure that it does not have some hot leading man doffing his clothes (or at least baring his chest). You will  be unlikely to score well that evening if she is still fixating on the washboard abs and rippling muscles of some Hollywood hunk.

Choose a good romantic chic flic to turn her on. You know, something where the leading man is always considerate and supporting of the leading lady. Fun romantic movies can work as well. Avoid non-romantic themes. Clint Eastwood was a handsome rugged dude in his day, but most of his movies were anything

but romantic. They would leave your lady cold at the end of the night!

A Night Of Music

Make sure that the band is to her taste! It’s no good taking her to see a reggae show if that’s what you’re into, but she’s not. Choose what she likes. Always remember that you are her security. If you go to a venue where there are likely be be a lot of obnoxious drunks, try to keep a low profile. Better yet, avoid such places!

Secondly, you have to remember that after a loud show, both you and she will be partially deaf. For a short time after leaving a loud venue, it is easy to mis-communicate. So if you think she just invited you to do the horizontal mambo, make sure that is what she really said before engaging in that activity. You do not want to come across as a sex fiend, or a rapist.

And remember that if you have been dancing up a storm all night, you will likely be stinky with sweat afterwards. Make sure that you take a second to wash and apply some deodorant before you leave the club!

Amusement Park

Going to an carnival with your date would seem like a great thing to do. The best rides of course are the ones where she grabs you, either in fear, or just to keep from falling. It is a great venue for fun rides, challenging games, and eating sweet treats and street meat. Plus, if you win her a stuffed animal, she’ll have a sweet reminder of your fun time together. However, you have to remember that they don’t just give those stuffed animals away. You don’t want to spend a fortune and all night trying to get a ring on the bottle. If it doesn’t happen right away, just move on. Trust me.

You also need to be careful of what you eat as well. Eating is not the smartest thing to do at a carnival. Often there are scant washing facilities, and you have been touching dirty ride safety bars all night. Make sure you take a hand sanitizer with you and eat sparingly. Who knows how well the kitchen help keep clean. As well, the possibility of someone vomiting as they get off a ride is a mental picture that will fizzle any kissing possibilities.

Figure out before hand if they are taking pictures on the ride. Many amusement parks earn extra revenue by selling snap shots of people screaming on the scarier rides. Be prepared and make sure you look cool at the critical points. It is okay if she is screaming like a girl because she is one. You do not want to come off looking like a sissy.

Arcade Date

A night of playing games in an arcade can be fun even if your date is not someone who does a lot of gaming on a regular basis. But watch out. She may just kick your butt and embarrass you. On that note, you should never boast ahead of time about how great you are at gaming in general. So what if she handed you a reaming! You now have the perfect place to take her again some day for a rematch.

The Starbucks Date

The perfect first date venue can also have its own dangers. The biggest is that if the date is going well, you might end up having more caffeine than you are used to in your system. Before you know it, you’ll be talking a mile a minute, shaking your legs like crazy, and have really bugged-out and intense eyes. Do not drink more than a couple of cups. At that point, swing over to something decaffeinated, like a juice or water or herbal tea. You will look more worldly, and she would be more likely to admire you because you are seemingly health conscious.

Well that is about all I can think of for those classic dates. There are many other dates that I have not mentioned. The trick about dating and looking cool all the time is to anticipate. Think ahead and imagine some scenarios that could end up showing you in some unattractive light. By doing this, you will look like a mature individual that she would be happy to be with. The type of person that she will break dates for rather than someone to break dates with.

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