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Movies stifle conversation while they are playing, which can be a mixed blessing to both of you. The pressure to keep the conversation moving is reduced, so you can both relax a bit more and just get used to being near each other. Plus, when the movie is over, it’ll give you a chance to talk about the film, if nothing else is coming to mind. The worse the movie is, the better, in a way, because you can both mock it into the wee hours of the night.

After selecting the movie to see, you will likely what some sort of snack and refreshment. Although it is hard to do, try to stay away from popcorn and soda pop. Most guys eat popcorn like pigs, and that will not leave a lasting good impression. Soda will make you belch, which is also not a something your date will brag about later. Better to go with a candied treat like M&M's or Smarties. For a drink, consider iced tea or fruit juice. If nothing else, these latter choices will show that you are not an inside the box thinker.

Good Movies

Even within a genre, there are good and bad choices. You are looking for something that mixes romance into the plotline, so selection is important. Hopefully you are taking her to a Cineplex type of theater that gives you a lot of on the spot choices. This means that before the date, you should have done some research into what movies are playing at the venue where you are taking her. Be prepared!

Three examples of good first date movies would have been:

1. Comedy –Adam Sandler has an amazing ability to pull off comedy with romantic interest in most of his movies.

2. Drama – Tom Hanks usually puts in a good performance with usually tasteful plot lines.

3. Romance – Princess bride – The perfect first date movie. Got me my first boob squeeze in the back of a theatre to this film.

That being said, here are some examples of first date movies that would classify as a bad idea:

Bad Movies

Stay away from anything where someone dies at the end (unless of course the person that dies is the villain)!  These would be examples of BAD choices:

1. Holocaust Movies – The Diary of Anne Frank would be horrible for a first date.

2. Sob Stories – Boys Don’t Cry – I made the mistake of taking a girl on a first date to this film. She just cried all the way home on the subway. Terrible. Great movie though!

3. Adventure  Movies – Conan – Don’t go to any movie where the main actor is shirtless and muscular. Otherwise, you’re risking a comparison where you will not come out on top.

And for god’s sakes, don’t take her to a porn theatre!  Sure, it gets your intentions across, but it’s a little strong for a first date. Watch Taxi Driver to see what happens when you try to pull that one on an unsuspecting young lady. Taxi Driver, by the way, would have been a bad choice for a first date movie.

Good Luck and have fun!

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