Dating Means Buying A Lot of Condoms

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Being on the Dating scene is a continuous adventure. The exercise is usually fun, and always stimulating. You are sure to meet many new people. Some you will click with and develop a budding friendship. Many will quickly fall by the wayside. There are a few however that will develop into longer term friends, and even lovers.

During this quest for your life mate, you will likely find that you will have a lot of great sex with new people that you meet. Of course there is nothing wrong with that. Sex and adult relationships go hand in glove. Having sex with a bunch of new partners requires you to use Condoms. You would be an idiot not to.

I know that a lot of fellas, and ladies too, don’t like condoms. They dull the sensation quite a bit for men, and thus may also make sex less pleasurable for women as well. Using a condom would be similar to eating if you had no sense of taste at all. Much of the pleasure is gone. In this day and age of AIDS and other debilitating STDs, you would have to be crazy not to wear one.

Luckily, the variety of choices when it comes to condoms is growing at an incredible rate! It’s not just lubricated or non-lubricated any more. There are some really kinky condoms out there for the adventurous – flavored, and colored, and studded, and ribbed. Make sure you read the packaging before you go too crazy with any of them though – some are novelty condoms, and do not portend to prevent STIs or pregnancy. They’re just for fun. In fact, if the lights are out, you can use the glow in the dark condoms to read the wrapper. Handy!

Some of the crazier condoms that are making a push these days are really amazing. First off, there is the “Inspiral Condom”. It is a spiral ribbed condom that is really catching on quickly. U.S. Surgeon Dr. A. Reddy, known for creating the female condom, came up with this innovation. When worn, the spiral ribbing makes the penis look like a giant screw. There are rave reviews on the Internet for this product. Women love it because it is much more sensual for them and increases the intensity of their orgasm, while men like the fact that they feel the sensation much better than on a regular condom. I guess being screwed has taken on a whole new meaning, and this in a good context for a change.

And how about the "Viagra Condom"? It stimulates a longer and more protracted erection. If you have trouble maintaining and erection after you have donned a condom, this is the tool for you! God knows I’ve had my own troubles in that area, so this item is something I personally can’t wait to try!

On a side note, I have been watching a lot of “survival” television programs lately – the kind where someone is lost and needs to survive in the wild. Almost every emergency and/or survival kit out there these days has a few condoms in there. And for good reason! They can be used as a water-proof case for matches, electronics, or anything that will fit in there. Also, they can hold up to a GALLON of water for drinking and transportation. Pretty handy for something so compact! Add a few to your emergency kit for when the grid goes down.

Talk about over engineering. A condom is able to hold more than a gallon of water, yet most men can only ejaculate about one and a half teaspoons. Now that is overkill! No wonder they are so thick and desensitizing.

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