Dating A Granola Child

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The modern day hippy is often referred to as either a neo-hippy (who are very much like the late 60's hippy in dress, views, and outlooks) or else they can be a granola-hippy (those who are not really into political activism, but are into green eco friendly vegetarian life styles). There are two other types of modern hippies, but they are not really hippies at all, just hippie wannabes. In my personal experience, one of the best kinds of women to date when you’re looking for a special someone is a modern neo-hippy or granola-hippy  chick. These are not people from the late 60's but are young people who take their lifestyle queues from the ideals of the 60's counter culture.

Women from these two sub-cultures often dress and behave similarly. They like to have long hair and tend to wear it loose. They will wear jeans with loose fitting blouses, or they will wear flowing dresses or long billowing skirts. (They wear sandals and love to dance around campfires. They will wear flip-flops, or simple sandals, and go barefoot as often as practicable. They are uninhibited and thing nothing of dancing around a campfire on the beach, or just relaxing, looking at the stars, and contemplating the infinite. These ladies prefer being barefoot, and when footwear is necessary, flip-flops or simple sandals are preferred. Running shoes are for dress up occasions. They never obsess about putting on a couple of pounds (although that seldom happens because of the vegetarian eating practices that most of them follow), they are comfortable in their skin, and in general are just very liberal minded about sex and relationships in general. They usually have a job making jewelry, working at a health food shop, or practicing Reiki.  They will drink beer or wine (especially if it is home made from scratch), smoke grass, perhaps indulge in magic mushrooms occasionally, but they will never touch the chemical narcotics that trapped the 60's generation. In short, they’re awesome!

Where to Meet

To gain access to these exciting breed of women, you naturally have to go where they tend to hang out.

Drum circles – This is where a lot of hippy chicks go to dance and play their drums. Fill up an empty vitamin bottle with dry macaroni, and you’ve got a shaker to play. Mingle!

Pilates class – Hippies love to breathe and stretch. Put your mat behind theirs for the best view.

Indie music festivals – Burning Man or Rainbow festivals are good. Check out any local free paper or telephone poles for free or inexpensive local festivals of this nature.

Organic markets/health food stores – Over packaging is a no-no to these ladies, so look for health food stores that sell in bulk, rather than pre-packaged. Also, organic farmers markets draw these ladies like flies. When desperate, they will utilize the gluten free aisles or organics section of grocery stores, but they are more likely to frequent specialty shops over large commercial food stores.

Lectures on environmental issues – This culture practices tree hugging as an art form, so look for environmental lectures. As an alternative, you may find them protesting at events espousing the benefits of nuclear power, tar sands oil, or other forms of consumption that is considered wasteful of energy or polluting.

Pros to Dating Hippy Chicks

Hippy chicks are generally less materialistic and like to do more outdoorsy things like camping or hiking. What that means is that they are not a heavy drain on your pocket book. And if you ever get serious enough to marry her, although she will likely be as happy with just living with you, these thrifty attitudes will carry into the long-term relationship. You can live the rest of your life on a budget and never feel cheap about it! Plus, hippy chicks usually don’t care about your income, so if you’re not making the big money, you don’t have to hide that fact.

They are not big on makeup. They may go for natural flower fragrances, rub a red flower petal on their cheeks as a blusher, and bite their lips a bit to make them redder. Tallow would be used as a lip-gloss or skin cream. The only area where they may concede to heavily manufactured products is sunscreens. Because of the lack of makeup, they do not spend hours in the bathroom putting on their war paint. And the biggest plus is that if you are attracted by their looks, those same great looks are there after a shower, when asleep, and even when just hanging out.  If these women are slower paced in some ways than a more traditional modern woman. Do not get me wrong as they are not lazy. In fact they are likely harder working as a group than many other modern women. But you will find that their biggest expectation of you is to be who you are, not what they want you to be. There is generally less pressure to change.

They will tend to freely walk around naked in the privacy of your home. They usually have slender bodies that are a pleasure to behold and be held, and even when dressed, they seldom need the confining form of a bra.

Cons to Dating Hippy Chicks

Not wearing a bra can be a con too, but at least you’ll know what you’re in for if you do date her.

Additionally, hippy chicks usually have shaving issues. She might have a hairy downstairs, or legs, or armpits. Some guys like that though, and even if she does have “winter bush”, it’s the treat under the bush that’s important. However, if she’s against deodorants and perfumes, you could be dealing with a B.O. problem. That’s usually a deal-breaker. No matter what she looks like, you have to be happy with the way you lady smells..

Of course, you may find that she will smoke all your grass, and is a lot handier than you are at a lot of things, and that can be disappointing and just down right demeaning.

So go get them and happy hunting!

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