Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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Let’s face it: sometimes things go south in a relationship. I’m not sure why they call something bad “going south”. I love going south. It’s warm. Lots of bikinis.

But back to the point – sometimes you have to break up with a partner. It’s never fun, but there are things you can do to make it less awful. My advice: do it as soon as possible – that way you can get over it, and move on to trying to find the right person.

Good Break Up Tips

1. Do Not Do It In A Public Place

If it is difficult to do it at their place (which is the best place), then do it in some reasonably quiet place close to their place. The main reason is that they will likely be distraught afterwards and are in no condition to drive. Keeping it in a relatively quiet place will minimize embarrassment, both for them for being jilted, and for you if they make a scene.

2. Do it on Friday

This is best because it gives them time to get used to the idea before having to face the concentration that most jobs require. Relationships are one of the most disruptive things to productivity at work. Productivity goes down when you start a relationship. Productivity takes a tail spin when a relationship is ended. If they are border-line at their job for whatever reason, then the break up can lead to termination, thus adding to your guilt load.

3. Give Space and Time

It is actually less painful to break up if it is done quickly. Keep it short, and do not allow it to drag into hours of trying to defend your decision. If you are breaking up because you have found someone new, do not rub it in their face later by being seen almost immediately in all your old haunts with the new love of your life.

Things Not To Do When Breaking Up

1. Do not break up in the kitchen. There are just too many handy sharp objects and hard missiles. A living room, or near an exit door is best.

2. Do not put yourself into a situation where after you break up, you are forced to be near your ex for a period of time. So, do not do it while on a trip or a vacation. Do not do it while touring the Statue of Liberty. In other words, when picking the turf to break up on, you need a clean and private exit strategy for both of you.

3. Have a couple of answers up your sleeve for the inevitable "why" question. Just get them out and do not let yourself get trapped into a debate. Stick to your guns. If you do not, then you will inevitably get put into a position to give it another try. Keep it clean and final!

Good luck!

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