Best Practices for Dating Online

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Pros to Online Dating

One of the most amazing things that modern technology has offered to the human race is the entire new way that it is possible to meet someone new. Yes, I am talking about online dating sites. In the hundreds of thousands of years that human beings have been meeting and interacting with each other, there has never been anything that approaches the reach, the utility, and the convenience of online dating.

Up until the last decade, you were very limited by distance and connections. In most cases, people met someone within a few miles of where they happened to be living, working or going to school at the time. It is now possible to meet someone anywhere on the planet to interact with. Plus, you know from their profiles if they share common interests and sexual proclivities. That saves a ton of time. You don’t want a scuba-diving virgin if you’re looking for a skydiving dominatrix, after all.

Online Dating Negatives

Of course, online dating is not perfect in any way either. People will 'market themselves in the most positive light' – in other words they lie a lot! For example, the hot young woman you think you’ve been chatting up online could be a 500 pound rat-catcher from Arsspik, Siberia. Or vise versa. Men and women both tend to post younger and more flattering pictures of themselves before they gained 40 pounds, and had more hair. You just never really know if the person you are interacting with is telling the truth. If they lie about their looks, they may also be lying about their current relationship status. Lots of married men and women troll dating sites. Make sure that you have your guard up!

They say that your best asset is often your biggest curse. In the case of online dating sites, the number of members is both an asset and a curse. I mean after all, even with the computerized help, it will still be difficult to short list the right people. You just need to be more specific of course. Look for females, fishing enthusiast, sports enthusiast, computer game enthusiast – you get the idea. That really culls them fast!

Other Online Dating Recomendations

First off, choose a user name wisely. Don’t call yourself  Chose something that you can mention in mixed company, or better yet, to your minister. Second, don’t give away too much personal information all at once. Slowly let the other person get to know you, and vise-versa. It’s safer. Also, talk on the phone before you get together with someone. That will confirm a lot about them, and let you know if they’re genuine. Consider using a pay phone or throw away cell phone for the initial contacts.

Use a recent picture of yourself, preferably one of two types: having fun with friends (and clearly say which one is you) or one where you are looking thoughtful. You want them to like you for who you are, so present that person from the get-go. However, don’t make the profile picture too sexy. Keep in mind everyone on the dating site will be able to save anything you put up. Never complain about your current situation or your ex. Nobody likes to listen to a complainer. If pressed, admit to making a few mistakes and that you think you have learned from them. Also, make sure that you have more than one person that you are talking to at the same time. So many people stretch the truth in online dating that getting your hopes up on one specific person before you meet them is most likely to end in disappointment. So join several sites, preferably under different online names, and have 4 or 5 people on your active friends list at any one time. It is okay to date more than one person at a time until you are ready to commit. It is expected!

When you finally decide to meet in person, plan the time and venue of your first date carefully. One of the best things to do is to meet over coffee during the day. It is less threatening, and it lets you see her, and her see you, in full natural light. A full daylight date is also less threatening, and a coffee date will only have to last 30 minutes to an hour, so it is self limiting if you decide that you are not going to connect with this person. If you cannot find a time during the day to meet, then meet early on in the evening, and come up with some sort of alarm so you can make excuses and leave. Set your phone to alarm about 30 minutes into the date so you can pretend to take an emergency call and leave if things are not working out. Lastly, let them know you’re also seeing other people. It is best to be honest, and ask them for the same thing.

If you are lucky she will show up in her nurse naughty outfit and you just know you have your soul mate. Bon Chance!

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