A Condom Conundrum

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If you’re out there on the dating scene trying to find someone new, you know how much fun it can be. There are a lot of new people to meet and get to know. Some of them will eventually fizzle into distant acquaintances, some will become friends, and a lucky group will become potential relationships.

Along with the quest for the love of your life comes the side benefit of a lot of sex with new partners. Of course there is nothing wrong with that. Sex and adult relationships go hand in glove. Having sex with a bunch of new partners requires you to use Condoms. You would be an idiot not to.

I know that a lot of fellas, and ladies too, don’t like condoms. They severely reduce the sensation for men and as such often make sex less pleasurable for women as well. Having sex with a condom is about as pleasurable as eating with a condom on your tongue. Not the best of experiences.. You get by, but much of the best part of the sensation is gone. In this day and age of AIDS and other debilitating STDs, you would have to be crazy not to wear one.

Luckily, the variety of choices when it comes to condoms is growing at an incredible rate! It’s not just lubricated or non-lubricated any more. The variety of condoms are endless. Do not just go to your drug store to buy them, but rather, take a trip to your local sex store. Even if you do not buy any, it is an interesting way to pass an hour or so. Make sure you read the packaging before you go too crazy with any of them though – some are novelty condoms, and do not portend to prevent STIs or pregnancy. Novelty condoms are just for fun and to add some interest to your sex life. Sort of like icing a cake!

Some of the crazier condoms that are making a push these days are really amazing. First off, there is the “Inspiral Condom”. It is the new “spiral” condom that has started becoming a phenomenon. U.S. Surgeon Dr. A. Reddy, known for creating the female condom, invented it. When worn, the spiral ribbing makes the penis look like a giant screw. There have been very positive reviews on this product and sales are taking off like wildfire. Both men and women are raving about the intensity of the sensations that they feel. And you’ll literally be getting “screwed” when you have sex with it. No longer a colloquialism!

And how about the "Viagra Condom"? It stimulates a longer and more protracted erection. It is designed for dudes who have a hard time keeping it up once the condom is on. God knows I’ve had my own troubles in that area, so this item is something I personally can’t wait to try!

So now condoms are useful for sex as well as past uses. I mean, after all, most of us marveled as kids as to how big a water balloon you could make with a condom. A whole gallon! Which is one of the main reasons why you often find them packed in a survival kit. They are not there for sex – although that might be an interesting side benefit as two people huddle for warmth on a cold night. They are in survival kits because they have many uses. Keeping things dry, holding water; use two of them as the elastics for a sling shot even.

Condoms are the epitome of over engineering. Most men only ejaculate 1.5 teaspoons, but the condom can hold a gallon without bursting. Even elephants only cum in quarts!


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